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Sweet Seedai/Vella Seedai


Rice flour-2 cups
Urad Dal flour-3 tsp
Til/Sesame seeds-2 tsp
Coconut-3 tsp
Jaggery-1 cup
Butter/Ghee-1 tsp

Preparation Method:

1. Heat the heavy Bottom pan,Dry roast the Rice flour in slow flame for 5-10 min.
2. Keep it aside.Let it cool.In kadai add powdered Jaggery & 1/4 cup water,Make it
into syrup.
3. Now mix everything,Make it into small balls as shown in pic.

4. In dry cloth spread balls keep it aside for 30 min.
5. Heat the oil in pan,once it is hot drop 8-10 balls.
6. Deep fry the seedai till it becomes golden colour.
7. Now Delicious Seedai is ready for Neivedyam.


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