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Murukku is a Popular south Indian snack.There are different kinds of murukku.
Here is a simple Method to prepare Crispy Murukku.


Rice flour-3 cups
Urad Dal flour-1/4 cup
Til/Sesame-3 tsp
Butter/Hot oil-3 tsp
Hing-1/4 tsp
Salt-To taste

Preparation method:

1. Mix all ingredients by adding enough Water.(Not too loose or so tight)
2. Stuff the Dough in Murukku Achu(press),press it into spirals directly on hot oil.
3. If your not able to do,press it on Back side of spatula,put into oil.
4. If it starts to boil,remove the spatula from oil.
5. Deep fry both sides until it will become crispy.


Lavi said...

murukku, seedai ellam super.

I have Award for you. Kindly check my blog.

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