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Wheat dosai

This one u can prepare it with in a min.when ever u want to prepare something quick and tasty tiffen u can try this.I like to eat this dosa with idly podi and tomato chutney.I got this recipe from my athai(father's elder sister).Now a days my husband also start to love this dosa.When he was alone at Korea he prepared this Dosa for breakfast.


Wheat flour- 1cup
Rava- 2tsp
Mustard-1/2 tsp
Curry leaves-10

Preparation method:

1. Roast the rava and mix with wheat flour.
2. Heat the oil,add mustard,g.chilli,curry leaves and chopped onions.
fry until onion will become golden brown.
3. Add water mix the wheat flour,rava and salt.
4. Batter should be in buttermilk consistency.Don't add too much water.
5. If it is too thick means u wont get tasty dosa.
6. Mix sauteed onions along with batter.heat the dosa pan.
7. Once it is hot,pour the batter,keep the stove in medium flame.
8. Add oil around the edges,allow it to cook.
9. Turn into other side,add little oil.
10. Serve hot with any chutney or idly podi.


Neetha said...

This looks interesting... I had been searching for something that does not need fermentation. Going to try this.. Thanks!

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